A real-time messaging and polling app for everyone

Say goodbye to meetings full of groupthink, idea killers and bulldozers

Stop bad meetings from happening to good people

The power to engage your audience is in your pocket

Make meetings and events interactive with Meetoo

Live Polling

Measure understanding, make faster decisions and know what your audience is thinking with real-time polling.

Group Chat

Give everyone the opportunity to share ideas, like comments and give feedback using private group chat.


Keep conversations focused and on-topic with the ability to moderate discussions and questions.

Q&A Platform

Collect questions from everyone in the room or across the globe—without participants even raising a hand.

Capture Feedback

Participants can share feedback and opinions anonymously or by creating their own profile.


Whether you have a gathering of one or many, Meetoo scales across iOS, Android and mobile web.

Imagine the meetings you can improve with Meetoo

Use the Meetoo app to get insights and feedback from any gathering:

  • Internal meetings
  • Virtual meetings
  • Employee training
  • All-staff meetings
  • Corporate meetings
  • Multi-location meetings

How it works

1. Create an Interactive Meeting

Provide opportunities to share ideas, post comments and give feedback during any gathering in real-time.

2. Invite Participants

Attendees can join in from anywhere there is an internet connection on iOS, Android or mobile web.

3. Poll and Discuss

Capture feedback and measure understanding to make faster decisions and know what your audience is thinking with real-time polling.

Get the wisdom of the crowd (not just the loud)

Meetoo keeps meeting participants focused in-the-moment by providing a platform for employees to share ideas, opinions and collaborate. Meetoo can help you:

  • Make employees feel valued
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Measure opinions and gain understanding
  • Make better decisions, faster

Bullets kill presentations.
Meetoo brings them to life.

Meetoo's PowerPoint add-in makes it easy to create presentations that keep people engaged and entertained. With PowerPoint polling you can:

Dave is using Meetoo and you can too

Watch and learn:

  1. How to get started with Meetoo
  2. How to create PowerPoint polls
  3. How to enable and moderate discussions
Simply click on the playlist to learn how you can start creating better meetings with Meetoo.

Enjoying better meetings:

Mayo Clinic
DLA Piper
Bhp Billiton

Meetoo helps groups collaborate,
share ideas and get instant understanding

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