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Join a Meetoo Session

Engage Your Audience and Capture Real-Time Feedback on Any Device

Easy to use, integrates with PowerPoint, accessible anywhere

Meetings & Conferences

Engage attendees and get a real-time understanding of your audience.

Employee Engagement

Get candid feedback, measure engagement and make employees feel valued.


Measure comprehension, track progress and help students reach their potential.

“Anonymous profiles encourage more students to ask questions without fear of feeling embarrassed in front of their peers.”

Dr Neil Pickles, Deputy Head of Department and Senior Lecturer for Department of Biological Sciences
University of Chester, UK

“My medical students were amazed and enjoyed the session very much. I have been wanting to use this kind of interaction during my lectures but were limited by cost.”

Dr. Alex Hwong-Ruey Leow, Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Malaya and University of Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia

“We loved using Meetoo because it gave everyone a voice. We were able to interact with everyone… covering multiple locations.”

Bob Dignazio, Athletics Recruiting Coordinator
Macalester College Athletics, USA

Live Polling

Measure understanding, make faster decisions and know what your audience is thinking with real-time polling.

Group Chat

Give everyone the opportunity to share ideas, like comments and give feedback using private group chat.

Anonymous or Identified

Participants can share feedback and opinions anonymously or by creating their own profile.


Keep conversations focused and on-topic with the ability to moderate discussions and questions.

meetoo video

PowerPoint add-in

Create polls in seconds with the intuitive PowerPoint add-in.

Q & A Platform

Collect questions from everyone in the room or across the globe—without participants even raising a hand.

One-Click Reporting

Generate an Excel report of your meeting, including attendance, poll results and messages received.


Learn from thought leaders, audience response experts and people like you in the Meetoo community.

Dave is using Meetoo
and so can you.

Watch and learn:

  • How to get started with Meetoo
  • How to create PowerPoint polls
  • How to enable and moderate discussions
Engage your audience, capture insight
and make better decisions.
Meetoo makes it easy.